About us

History in brief

Strojsros s.r.o. was founded in 1997 by engineer Ján Kozáčik. In 2005 he was joined by his son Ján Jr, who is now in charge of the production program. Originally the company was engaged in the productionof steel structures, locksmithery, and the production of single-purpose equipment.

Gradually, due to customer demand, the technological requirements of the manufactured products began to increase. The company acquired a horizontal milling machine in 2011, which heralded an age of a successful co-operation with foreign companies.

In order to ensure a consistent separation of stainless steel and black steel production, we opened a new plant in Horní Lehota in 2012. This plant is focused exclusively on the production of stainless steel technical equipment, machines for the food industry, sorting, and power engineering.

Since 1997 we have come a long way. From a small family business with 5 employees, we are today a modern company, with our own purchasing department, and skilled designers and developers. Every year we try to invest in new technological equipment and modernize the working environment for our employees.

We believe that the satisfaction and loyalty of our employees is reflected in the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers.


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Mission and philosophy

The mission of STROJSTROS is to produce a superlative product that will satisfy even the highest demands of the customer. We use our technology and know-how to differentiate our products and services. We are constantly developing and moving forward. We are a family company whose values lie in the sustainability, locality and reliability of having a long-term partner.

We are global in our outlook; however, we act locally.

Ján Kozáčik – director

Demonstration of company premises